71% of UK Businesses Admit Success of Digital Projects is a Gamble

Research indicates rise of “digital roulette” with UK enterprises less confident in their digital strategies than those in Spain, Germany and Sweden

71% of UK Businesses Admit Success of Digital Projects is a Gamble

71% of UK businesses admit that the success of their digital investment is a gamble and almost half (41%) of companies believe they aren’t a digital leader, according to a new report by Fujitsu.

The research, which interviewed IT decision-makers for businesses across the UK, Germany, Spain and Sweden, found that UK organisations are far less confident on their digital strategies than their European counterparts.

59% of IT decision-makers said that it was difficult to know the right choices to make when it comes to digital adoption and 62% said that their organisations were still playing “digital catch-up”.

While companies are aware of the benefits digital can bring, almost a third (32%) of respondents said that their business’ digital strategy is unclear and confused while only 16% said their business was always aligned on digital priorities.

25% also admitted that “failure to prioritise digital projects” acted as a main barrier to digital project success within their business.

Regina Moran, chief executive officer of Fujitsu UK & Ireland, commented:

“The UK is seen as a digital leader; we have a government which invests in the sector and a burgeoning digital economy. But this study shows there is a big job to do in helping organisations, and the IT decision-makers within them, realise this potential.”


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