7 Quick and Profitable ‘Fixes’ to Immediately Improve your Marketing

This article focuses on seven quick and profitable ‘fixes’ for your marketing: seven simple ways to boost and refine your marketing activities to date.

Fix #1:

If you are finding it difficult to attract clients, if the marketing you’re putting out there is simply not doing the job, then the first place to look at, is the advertising and marketing materials.

Any marketing should focus on one person and one person only: your potential client. However, so much marketing focuses on the business and how great they are. Much of the marketing I initially review is nothing more than a blown-up business card and tends to follow this uninspiring template i.e. this is me, this is what I do, and here are my contact details. Instead focus your marketing materials wholly on the client, their issues and their problems.

Therefore examine all of your marketing closely.

Does it contain:

  • A compelling headline
  • Clear, benefit-laden and enticing copy
  • A compelling offer
  • A call to action.

Use ‘Reason Why’ Advertising. Demonstrate a clear and unique benefit in your message. Do not fall into the trap of believing that branding alone will work. It won’t. Be very honest with yourself: do your current marketing materials truly compel your prospect to want to respond?

Fix #2:

The biggest expense for any business, is finding a new client. For example it can take time, effort and most of all money to build trust and credibility with a client, such that they are prepared to do business with you.

So once you’ve managed to get a client to part with his or her hard earned cash – instead of running off and spending tonnes finding another new client – Go back to your existing customer base and give them more of what they want.

Remember this: you have already developed trust, value and credibility with an existing client – they are “listening” – so offer them an additional product, service or treatment. This might be more expensive… less expensive… or a similar price. However start to develop products that ‘fit’ with the initial sale. It was will always be easier – and far less expensive – to go back to a current client and offer them more.

Additionally, now might also be a good time to go back to past prospects who originally said ‘no’ or ‘just not yet’. Look back through your database. Remember people’s circumstances change, so now might be a good time to re-visit old leads and follow them up.

Fix #3:

Do you communicate a clear and tangible difference?

For example, let’s say you’re an accountant, with 25 years experience… ACCA accredited… offering great customer service… at affordable prices… So what! You need to make it clear why you are the only one. What sets your company apart from the crowd?

Tell me clearly and tangibly why I should use your business. Use examples, use case studies and testimonials. Further, look at the competition; where are they falling short, and how can you provide a greater service or product; or a greater aspect to this service or product?

Remember, unless you explain to a prospect what you do, how you do it, and every important and interesting facet of the product or service you provide, then they will make assumptions. (Usually wrong and usually price-based) Explain everything, and communicate this in a way that makes a real difference, to your potential client and differentiates you.

In other words, become the expert, and more importantly, demonstrate this! I always believe you should educate your audience first and sell second.

Fix #4:

Do not take your lead from the big corporations out there, using pithy, clever, slogans and copy, simply aimed at creating awareness. Now is not the time for awareness, but action!

The same principles that work face-to-face are the same principles that work in print. You are still dealing with human nature; with a human being. Talk to your prospects as you would a friend over a cup of coffee. Don’t get fancy, don’t get all ‘corporate’… Deliver your pitch in a clear, concise and compelling manner.

If you simply plaster your brand all over the place, but there is nothing else demonstrated, then you never create a reaction but only ‘awareness’, and I’m afraid awareness without any form of action on the prospects part will never pay the bills.

Fix #5:

Test different prices and appeals.

Very often business owners will go with a price because it works and, essentially, has always worked. Great. But what would happen if you suddenly tried increasing your prices? Very often this doesn’t cut response rate at all.

Are you using the best price appeal? Could you sell your product or service for a greater price? If you’re not sure, well then test and measure the result.

The same goes for any offer you might be rolling out. Could you improve on this? Could you offer the prospect a higher-value appeal, but one that is still low cost to you? Might this increase take-up? In other words, bundle more offers together.

Or do both… Test an increase in price, coupled with a ‘bigger and better’ offer.

Fix #6:

Establish joint venture partners.

Look to work alongside non-competitive, but related businesses; broker a deal that would encourage them to promote your business to their list.

For example: the owner of the list sends out a letter or email endorsing your services to his/her client base. This might elicit a far greater response, than any of your own methods. Why? Because this person is trusted and already has a dialogue with their customer base. You could then agree a commission paid to the list owner, based on take-up of your product or service.

NOTE: it’s important that the list is being communicated to on a regular basis i.e. has frequent contact with the business owner, in one form or the other – and that they value and trust any endorsement made by this person.

So to begin with, list all the types of businesses that look after your business. For example, a business owner that maybe provides a service before the client uses your product or service, or after the client uses your product or service.

Fix #7:

Be proactive not reactive.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in; essentially you’re in the business of marketing. Why? Because you can have the greatest product, service or treatment in the world, but if nobody knows you exist, then it makes no difference what you do!

You need to be actively and consistently sourcing prospects and converting them to clients. So many business owners will realise – often when it’s too late – that they don’t have enough of a client base, and then begin their marketing.

Be proactive not reactive.

Go after your prospects, constantly. Create an offer that gets their attention; that fascinates them into wanting to contact you.

So there you have it…

The 7 quick and profitable ‘fixes’ for your business – Read, learn, but most of all… Apply.

Andrew Ludlam is a qualified business adviser, marketing consultant and trainer, specialising in helping business owners position themselves as authorities in their field. To discover more, go to www.maverickmarketingconsultancy.co.uk

Andrew Ludlam
Maverick Marketing Consultancy

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