£56bn Lost by UK Businesses Each Year Due to Poor Training

40% of British employees admit that they have quit their jobs because of inefficient training

£56bn Lost by UK Businesses Each Year Due to Poor Training

UK businesses are losing up to £56bn a year in replacing staff who have left because of a lack of efficient training, according to research from Create eLearning.

The report found that 40% of staff who received poor or no training quit within one year of employment, costing companies thousands in recruitment and re-training costs as well as putting strain on other staff members.

The report follows on from a recent report by research group Opinion Matters which highlighted the negative impact inefficient training and development has on staff retention levels. It had similar findings with 40% of workers stating they had quit jobs in the past because of a “lack of direction and leadership”.

Mark Taggart, founder of Create eLearning, advised:

“Companies can spend millions on training courses that are seen as a jolly or weekend away, but information is actually absorbed better in bite sized chunks.”

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