56% of UK Business Owners Ignore Staff With Mental Health Concerns

Over three quarters of all employees have experienced some form of mental health issue, while nearly a third have actually been diagnosed

56% of UK Business Owners Ignore Staff With Mental Health Concerns

56% of UK business owners ignore staff when they confide in them with mental health concerns, according to a report by Business in the Community.

The Mental Health at Work Report 2016 revealed that just 7% of all employees are offered some form of help with their workload when feeling down, with just 4% allowed to work at home.

Worryingly, 5% of all workers who voiced concerns about their mental wellbeing were either sacked or forced out – suggesting business owners are not dealing with the matter appropriately.

77% of the UK workforce have experienced some form of mental health issue in their career, while 29% have actually been officially diagnosed.

Just last August, it was revealed that business owners place more emphasis on the physical rather than the mental wellbeing of staff, and they are trailing behind their European, Middle Eastern and African counterparts in this regard.

Louise Aston, wellbeing director at Business in the Community, said:

“Millions of employees are suffering in silence and feel unable to share their experiences at work. When they do reach out, many are met with an inadequate response.

“We need more openness, more training and information, and more support for employees and managers.”

Concerned about your employees’ mental health? Here’s how you can create a better working environment.

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