5 Ways Technology Can Make You Green and Save You Money

5 ways technology can make you green and save you moneyBecoming a ‘green’ business is still considered by many to be a time consuming and costly initiative. However, technology has demonstrated that being green isn’t simply about showing off eco-credentials, it can save your business money too. See our 5 examples below.

1. Video conferencing

Video conferencing is already popular amongst large, multi-national businesses, but it can save the smallest of businesses money as well as reducing their carbon emissions. Hosting a meeting through online conferencing enables you to talk face-to-face, without the fuel costs and time out of the office. If you have more than one office, it may be easier to host internal meetings online too. From using a free option such as Skype, or moving to dedicated ‘webinar’ style software, there is an option out there for all budgets and requirements.

2. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is where you save data remotely through an outsourced hosting company, thereby eliminating your need for purchasing and maintaining expensive IT equipment. It also means your data is backed up securely off-site, which aids business continuity planning. A report showed that cloud computing could enable companies to save over £6billion in energy bills and reduce carbon emissions by 85.7 tonnes per year by 2020.

3. Energy monitoring

It’s difficult to gain appreciation of energy use without measuring it, but according to NPower, businesses can save 10% off their energy bills with a little know-how. Energy monitors are a quick and easy way of getting a real-time view of how much energy your business is using, allowing you to test the energy use of using various equipment.

Easy wins include reminding people to switch off their PC monitors when going on a break, using more natural light (clean windows and open blinds) to avoid unnecessary use of lights and wearing a big jumper instead of turning the heating up! Adding all the little efforts up result in slashed energy costs and a massively reduced environmental impact.

4. Use a laptop

Desktop PCs are the default option with offices, but why? Not only are laptops more convenient, they use as little as 15 watts of energy compared to 150 watts used by a desktop PC and screen!

If you really want to go green, and save more money, opt for a refurbished laptop. They are often perfectly suitable for most people’s needs, but you’ve avoided the carbon emissions of manufacturing a brand new alternative.

5. Eco appliances

Want to go further?  There’s no shortage of innovative energy saving appliances available, the key is to compare the green credentials of rival products. Some green options are more expensive initially, but save money over the long-term. There’s everything from energy efficient printers to water powered calculators, but the easiest (and cutest!) energy saving device has got to be the ‘eco button’: a USB device that can power down your computer at the touch of a button, every time you leave your desk.

This green business advice article was written by Rob Fenn of The British Assessment Bureau, a certification body specialising in the ISO 14001 Green Standard.

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