5 Things Millennials Want From Today’s Workplace

As more and more small businesses begin to hire millennials. Read this guide and understand what exactly they're looking for in a work place

5 Things Millennials Want From Today’s Workplace

By around 2020, it’s thought Millennials (born between 1980 and the mid-90s) will make up the bulk of the working population. So, as a business, how can you meet the demands and challenges of this demographic? Let’s look at what Millennials want – and how you can give it to them.

 1. A long-term plan

Unsurprisingly, the Millennial generation is set to live and work for longer than its predecessors. The Generation Debt interactive shows the average life expectancy for Millennials is 80 years of age and rising, compared to 73 years for the Baby Boomers.

How will employers meet this change? Workplaces and working hours designed for the older employee could become a major part of corporate planning.

2. Goals, aims and development

Unlike previous generations, Millennials intend to jump around from job to job, rather than staying in one role for, say, a decade. A 2016 Deloitte study shows 44% of Millennials would like to leave their current employer within the next 2 years. The study suggests this is because Millennials are saying things like:

  • ‘My skills aren’t being developed’
  • ‘I’m being overlooked for senior positions’

Millennials are concerned they’re not being looked after – they want positive goals to achieve, and a clear development plan.

 3. Flexible working patterns

Research by Intelligence Group shows nearly three-quarters of Millennials want to be able to work flexibly. Working from home is a growing trend, but many companies still don’t offer it. Millennials want options: to work from home, do split shifts or work flexi-time. In light of this growing trend, design experts at OKA Direct put together some tips on ways to improve productivity while working from home.

 4. Face-to-face contact

A common stereotype of the Millennial is the smartphone-addict, constantly attached to their mobile phone from where they tweet, send emails and Snapchat. However, while Millennials are certainly adept at social media and getting to grips with new tools and platforms, this isn’t necessarily something they want to see in the office. An IBM study, ‘Millennials: Myths, exaggerations and uncomfortable truths’, found wandering over to a Millennials’ desk for a chat would be just fine.

“Millennials prefer face-to-face contact when learning new skills at work,” the report says. “And Millennials are more likely to draw a firm line between their personal and professional social media networks than Gen X or Baby Boomers.”

 5. Positive work

Millennials are pro rather than anti-business. However, they expect their employers to focus on more than just making money. According to a Deloitte study, 73% of believe business can have a positive impact on wider society. Employers who run volunteering schemes, work with their local community and have a corporate social responsibility policy could well attract and keep the Millennial generation.

Written by Hilton Freund of Wizzcash.

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