WebTV Show: Trading Internationally

WebTV Show: Trading InternationallyShow date: 25th November

Show time: 1pm

With the economic picture looking a little more positive, British small businesses are being encouraged to look further afield for new business opportunities.

Trading internationally is one such option but for many SMEs, lacking confidence and not knowing where to turn for advice, are holding them back.

Crucial questions for British businesses include whether they wish to import or export goods. Which markets will they need to target? What rules and regulations govern the territories where they will be doing business? How do firms go about connecting with and building partnerships with overseas customers? Most important of all is where do British businesses go when they beed the help and support they need to do business overseas?

For businesses considering trading abroad but who don’t know where to begin, can tune in to the web TV show this afternoon at 1pm.

John Carroll, the Head of International at high street bank, Santander, and David Riches from the British Chambers of Commerce are in the studio to discuss the business opportunities and challenges for SMEs looking to conduct international trade.

They will be looking at the important first steps that small firms must take in order to do business abroad.

Our studio guests will discuss international networks and how they are important for businesses setting up initial trade partnerships. The British Chambers of Commerce are an important source of vital information and their experience, connections and knowledge can help small companies make oiverseas connections.

The WebTV show starts at 1pm and can been seen at http://financeexplained.tv/chat/how-to-trade-internationally

By clicking on the llink prior to the broadcast, business owners can submit their questions to John Carroll and David Riches.

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