Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013

Global Entrepreneurship Week kicks off today in over 130 countries with 7.5 million people expected to get involved…

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 started this morning in a week long event to help develop current entrepreneurs and to inspire a new wave of business people.

Every year Global Entrepreneurship Week looks to connect entrepreneurs, whether they be already involved in ventures or are starting up business for the first time, with likeminded individuals.

This year, Global Entrepreneurship Week is again hosted by Youth Business International (YBI) in partnership with Barclays.

YBI runs Global Entrepreneurship Week in 10 other countries across the world, including Bhutan, Canada and Trinidad & Tobago.

Registered charity YBI’s focus is on encouraging and inspiring entrepreneurs, connecting them, sharing ideas and looking to deal with the regional and international issues of entrepreneurship.

This year YBI wants aspiring entrepreneurs to "take a step forward" and make a proactive move toward getting their businesses off the ground. Such actions could include getting involved in local networking or engaging better on social media.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 is expected to bigger than ever before with nearly 3,000 events planned and 300,000 people involved.

Anyone in enterprise is being encouraged byYBI to take a look at the events and resources available throughout the week and look at how they can "join the conversation".

Supporter Barclays is running over 150 events from local "clinics" to their 100 free Barclays Get Ready for Business seminars. These seminars are designed to get budding entrepreneurs to take the next step in running their businesses.

Other partners include The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy who are actively working with students in Southend to consider any barrriers to enterprise that youngsters may be encountering. These students will be developing a campaign with aims to encourage entrepreneurship.

In Canada, the $5 Challenge will see teams of students use their skills to try and make as much money as possible from an initial $5 investment. They have until Sunday to make as much profit as they can.

Now in its tenth year in the UK, Global Entrepreneurship Week will be looking to continue the goodwill and buzz from these seven days into a more lasting notion of entrepreneurship, hoping that all the good will permeate the nation’s consciousness.

If you’d like more information about Global Entrepreneurship Week, to get involved, help spark up a conversation, or to see the events being staged, then visit or follow the hashtag, #GEWfwd on Twitter.

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