Twitter Ads Open Up to SMEs

Twitter Ads are now available for SMEs in the UK and IrelandSocial media platform, Twitter, opens up its advertising platform to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK.

Twitter’s advertising platform has today been opened to to small and medium-sized businesses in the UK as well as Ireland and Canada.

Until now, the platform has only been available to SMEs (SMBs) in the USA when it was launched in April this year.

Now, the UK’s small firms will get the opportunity to have their own Twitter Ads including Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends in a similar way to using Pay Per Click (PPC) for search engines (Like Google AdWords for instance).

What this means is that small businesses only actually pay for any engagement they get from promoted activity on the Twitter platform, everyday organic activity remains free.

In the same way that PPC works, SME Twitter users must set a budget. Once the budget has been met, all promited activity stops. Small businesses will not be charged more than they have set in their budget.

Again, similar to PPC on the search engines, small business users can bid on the maximum amount they wish to pay for a follow or a click. Twitter Ads even has suggests terms to help firms optimise their campaigns. There is also a cap that you only ever pay a penny more than another advertiser’s bid.

The Twitter Ads platform includes an analytics tool to help business users monitor their campaigns and data is updated in real time.

Like using search analytics tools, Twitter Ads can provide valuable insights into which activities are hitting the spot for SME’s campaigns and the data is downloadable so that you can monitor performance outisde the package too.

Communications provider O2 Business has been announced as the partner to Twitter in order to give advice to small businesses so that they can use twitter more effectively.

Some of the support and resources provided by O2 Business include guides, best practice and case studies, online education sessions to help businesses use the platform better and credits to spend on Twitter Ads.

The social media platform recently launched on the New York Stock Exchange and immediately traded about its IPO price of $26 to surge as high as $50. The company has no track record of making profit so Twitter Ads could bring in some income for the business which is valued at around $34.7 billion and created an apparent 1,600 millionaires on its debut.

If you’re interested in leveraging Twitter Ads for a little more oomph in your social media activity then head over to andsign in to start using the platform.

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