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Entrepreneur Special web TV Show, Monday 21st October, 1:30pmShow time: 1:30pm

Show date: Monday 21st October

With the number of entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs on the increase in this country, there are are a lot of people new to business who are still looking for answers.

For those who have an idea for a new business, the questions are often who to turn to to try and bring their business idea to fruition. Finding support is another issue that new entrepreneurs have and will that business support be adequate for their needs?

With all these questions in mind, the latest WebTV show is an Entrepreneur Special, dedicated to exploring the ins and outs of the world of entrepreneurial endeavours with a number of studio guests answering questions and telling their stories.

Lorna Syson is a home and interior textile designer, creating bespoke accessories and installations using sustainable materials. Her designs are draw inspiration from the great outdoors with British wildlife adorning her works.

Lorna started on the entrepreneurial ladder as the worldwide recession hit, starting in an incredibly tough economic climate but learnt to run a successful business in a downturn and she now has a brand that is internationally distributed and recognised.

Joining Lorna is Stu Anderson, an expert in youth enterprise with a long history as a practitioner in entrepreneurship, provider of business support and as an advisor to numerous national an international initiatives. Stu has over 20 years experience with entrepreneurs and has advised over 2,000 small business startups and is renowned for his no-nonsense approach.

Also in the studio is Caroline Odogqu from Business LaunchPad, another advisor to young entrepreneurs, especially women who want to go into business.

Caroline’s social enterprise project, She is You, was launched in July 2012 and has proved successful in helping young women into enterprise. Caroline’s venture works to bring business acumen to women through events and workshops, coaching and mentoring and works in schools to introduce business skills at an early age.

And finally there is Emma Jones, co-founder of StartUp Britain, which has helped over half a million people get thinking about starting their own business. Emma Jones will be speaking about how budding entrepreneurs can work with the business community in order to launch their own ventures.

 The show starts today at 1:30pm and you can watch it at http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/entrepreneur-special

If you’re quick, you can submit your questions to the guests before the show starts, just visit the link above and ask away.

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