Achieving Fulfilment at Work

FulfilmentShow date: Wednesday 9th October

Show time: 6.50pm

What is fulfilment? How can entrepreneurs, managers and employees achieve fulfilment? What effect does fulfilment have on the workforce and how can businesses improve it?

Having a happy workforce, from management to supervisors to employees, is an important aspect of a successful modern business. The old adage that "a happy worker is a productive worker" still rings true today and a productive business will in turn be a profitable and successful venture.

So how do business owners ensure that their staff are happy and productive so that they attain professional fulfilment?

These questions will be asked and answered in a live stream tonight of An Audience with Alain de Botton, the author, entrepreneur, contemporary philosopher and TV presenter.

Alain de Botton, who has lectured at the renowned TED Talks with his A kinder, gentler, philosophy of success is well-versed with the concept of fulfilment as demonstrated in his books The Architecture of HappinessThe Architecture of Happiness and more recently The Pleasures and Sorrows of WorkThe Pleasures and Sorrows of Work.

Alain de Botton will be talking again about how businesses can team up with their workforce to achieve greater fulfilment. Strong but gentle leadership may be one option – avoiding the authoritarian line yet making sure there are rules and boundaries. Making sure staff get enough training, having a clear advancement path and process, do staff feel valued, do your workers feel like an integral part of the team, are they rewarded enough for their contributions to the success of the business? These are all key questions and if you have your own then do ask before the show.

An Audience with Alain de Botton  is live online at on 9th October at 6.50pm and you can use the link to submit your questions before the show.

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