White Van Man is a Happy Camper

White van man is a happy camperThe latest research has found that Britain’s tradespeople are living out of their vans…

Research from insurer Direct Line for Business has shown that an army of tradespeople are actually living out of their work vans.

Builders, electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople are increasingly using their wheels as mobile offices, mobile homes and kitting them out for entertainment.

The highest proportion of workers, around 45%, are actually using their vans as mobile dining rooms.

Then we see 31% of people in the trades using their vans as a place to do business, as a mobile office.

As for how many tradespeople sleep on site, about 11% of van drivers use their wagons to pitch up.

Being away from home, tradespeople need entertainment so 9% are playing games on their mobile phones but 2% are going pro and installing games consoles in their vans – The Xbox and PS3 are popular choices.

If they’re not gaming, then around 4% of white van men will at least have a TV installed in their home away from home.

Melissa Hunt, Business Manager at Direct Line for Business, said of the findings:

“With tradespeople working long hours on the job, it is no wonder they often end up eating, managing paperwork and even sleeping in their vehicles.  However, customising their van with the latest gadgets and installing entertainment centres may not only be a distraction and compromise their safety but it is unlikely to be covered if stolen.”

Hunt continued: 

“Thieves are no longer targeting the vans of builders and plumbers to steal tools; they are also after expensive laptops, tablets and smart phones.  With so much high end technology being stored in tradespeople’s vans it is important owners have sufficient insurance cover to protect their belongings.” 

For further details on Direct Line for business van Insurance visit www.directline.com

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