WebTV Show: Preparing for Business Growth

Marcelino Castrillo, Santander talks business growthDate: Thursday 12th September
Time: 1:30pm

Guests from the British Chambers of Commerce and Santander Bank talk about how small businesses should ready themselves for an uptick in the economy and discuss preparing for business growth…

This Thursday, David Riches, the Director of Operations at the BCC, and Marcelino Castrillo, Head of SME at Santander Corporate & Commercial, will be speaking about how small businesses should be preparing for growth in the event of an improved economy.

As the "green shoots" of a better economic climate emerge, the two expert guests will be looking at what SMEs can do to achieve and sustain growth in the months and years ahead.

UK GDP figures and other economic data appear to be signaling a modest return to growth over the next few years as economies stabilise.

With business confidence increasing, the studio guests will be ascertaining how optimistic British businesses really are and the factors that enable firms to be in a position ready to capitalise on growth opportunities.

Riches & Castrillo will be offering advice, guidance and support to the small business audience so that they too can make the most of an economic upturn.

If you wish to ask a question of the panel before the show then follow this link to the WebTV show and submit your name and your question.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for inspirational ways to help your business to grow, take a look at is4profit’s dedicated channel Get Britain Growing. By working with a number of UK businesses and institutions we’ve curated a selection of articles that can help you to get your business growing so that you too can take advantage of the next economic boom.

And don’t forget to tune in to the WebTV show on Thursday 12th September at 13:30.

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