Businesses Failing to Train their Sales Teams

Yet many businesses are training their staff in social media…

Failing to train sales teamsA survey conducted into sales teams in the financial, travel and media sales sectors has found that more than half of the businesses spent more time training their staff in social media rather than sales techniques.

The research, carried out by training consultancy Sales Commando, was conducted not just in the UK but in the USA and UAE.

54% of the businesses quizzed said that they were focusing on attracting clients via social media channels such as LinkedIn. The interpersonal sales skills seem to have taken a back seat.

Doug Tucker, Managing Director of Sales Commando, said of the findings:

“These days, providing a fantastic product and flawless service is no longer enough, clients need to feel as though they are getting maximum value for money.  As such it’s more important than ever to engage directly with prospective customers.”

Tucker accepted that social media has its place in every sales teams’ toolbox but still values the traditional sales techniques, saying:

“Clearly in today’s connected world, social media has its uses, and it very much should be a part of the marketing mix. However, the one-to-one sales approach, built on a strong rapport, cannot be rivalled to close a deal.”

As for the figure of greater than half the sales teams putting their training efforts into social media, Tucker added:

“Our research underscores how many companies could be missing out on a myriad of sales opportunities because they have forgotten the fundamentals of salesmanship.”

“Increasingly, companies are focusing on elaborate social media marketing ploys and neglecting to pay attention to the vitally important issue of spiking and maintaining a client’s interest – something which is essential to secure new and repeat business.”

Doug Tucker believes that the focus on training teams in social media is affecting sales.

“As computers are increasingly coming between companies and their potential clients it’s time to get back to basics.  Speaking to someone directly, whether that is over the phone or in person, builds trust which makes it far easier for the sales person to do their job and for the client to feel in control of their decision when committing to a sale,”

Sales staff, according to Tucker, should be mastering the techniques that are crucial for closing deals.

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