Who on Earth is Andy Brodie?

He may not be a houshold name but carpet fitter Andy Brodie could be as he adorns the biggest billboard in the country…

They’re big in the states but roadside billboards are less common in the UK.

However, if you’re on the M4 in London you may have seen the roadside advertising there.

The latest ad to adorn side of the Great West Road is that of small business owner Andy Brodie of A.B. Flooring.

Andy, a Volkswagen van customer, was picked to be just one of four "faces" of the new Volkswagen Transporter ad campaign and now he’s appearing on the "mega banner" beside the M4.

Andy, from Watford, was picked from thousands of other VW customers to star alongside three other traders in the new ad campaign which goes under the slogan:

"We never forget the most important name on our vans. Yours."

The mega banner hangs from the face of a building on the Great West Road and is 27 metres wide and 18 metres high.

The value of the advertisign for this and the other three faces of the campaign is totalled at £2.5 million.

Speaking about his starring role in the latest ad, Andy said:

“When I first heard from the ad agency I took it with a pinch of salt. Then they told me I would be famous for the whole of the summer. It only hit home when at the photo shoot. It took so long to do it, I realised it was serious. Seeing the giant poster go up was amazing.  My Mum can’t wait to see it now – she’s told the whole family!”

 A spokesman for the Volkswagen Transporter campaign added:

“These ambitious businesses are so vital to the country’s economy, so entrepreneurs like Andy are already stars in many ways. We know it’s tough out there for many businesses and we are committed to working with our customers to support them through the range of services we offer. We thought there was no better way to show this than to let them benefit from a £2.5m ad campaign.”

VW are looking for more ambitious small businesses who might benefit from the free publicity and are asking interested businesses to visit www.facebook.com/VolkswagenCommercialVehiclesUK

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