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Do business with AustraliaUK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is launching a series of seminars to promote the opportunities for British businesses to trade with Australia…

UK Trade & Investment will be showcasing the "massive opportunities" for British businesses in a number of sectors of the Australian economy.

Australia is one of the few remaining AAA rated economies in the world and has had over 20 years of consecutive growth. The exchange rate makes UK products and services very affordable and the cultural similarities between the UK and Australia make doing business down under relatively simple.

With these factors in mind, UKTI are promoting the notion that British businesses should do more trade with our counterparts on the other side of the world.

In particular, UKTI is higlighting a number of sectors where there are opportunities for UK businesses to sell their expertise; liquid natiral gas, renewable energy, security, biotech & pharmaceuticals, food & drink, rail and mining are all growth sectors in Australia.

Nick McInnes, Director-General of the UK Trade & Investment team in Australia and New Zealand said:

“You might not be aware that Australia is the UK’s 11th biggest export market and British companies exported over £10 billion to Australia for the first time in 2011. There are over 1,000 British companies successfully doing business in Australia already.”

Looking at the economic health of Australia McInnes added:

“The strong Australian dollar is currently making British products and services very affordable and with Australia’s real GDP growth expected to outperform that of every other major advanced economy up to 2017 there are very significant opportunities for British companies in Australia across a wide range of industry sectors.”

He also went on to mention that Australia is one of the world’s top five most resilient economies and is expected to outperform many other developed countries in terms of GDP over the next 4-5 years.

Another asset of doing business with Australia is that it is close to the Asian markets and has numerous free trade agreements with a number of gorwing Asian economies. Many australians have the Asian language skjills neede to deal with the bopming eocnomies in the region.

So, with UK exports to Australia having grown by between 65% (goods) and 85% (services) over the last few years, the country is being promited as a greta place to do business with.

Particularly successful sectors have included the automotive, telecomms, food & drink and machinery sectors.

If you would like to know more about the UKTI’s free web seminars then go to:

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