WebTV Show: How to Maximise Cash Flow

Watch our live show for tips on advice, support and solutions to regulate and manage your cash flow

Show date: Tuesday 30th April

Show time: 2pm

With the UK economy failing to grow at a rate anything like has been forecast many small businesses say they’re worried about their cash flow.

Nearly half of British small businesses have said that they’ve recently experienced cash flow problems and a quarter of small firms have blamed the late payment and even non payment of invoices for their lack of cash flow.

So how do small businesses ensure that they have enough cash flow?

Recent research has indicated that small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that seek advice are the ones most likely to succeed. Yet, at the same time, with the common pereception that banks are not lending, many SMEs are reluctant to find finance from their banks.

Joining our web TV show this afternoon is Kevin Boyd, the Divisional Managing Director of Santander bank, who will be discussing why it is important to have regular cintact with your bank and what you should be discussing in order to help with your cash flow issues.

Kevin will also discuss how businesses missing out on alternative finance solutions, such as invoice finance or supply chain finance, might be exposing themselves to unneccessary risks.

Also in the studio will be Ian Mason from the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Ian will be talking about the current mood of UK SMEs and the importance that they regularly review both their resources and their business plans.

Ian will also be looking at what else, besides finance, firms can do to learn from eachother and find further business advice.

Join our live Web TV show this afternoon at 2pm (14:00 hours) to see what insights you can glean from both the regional MD of Santander and the LCCI.

They will be sharing their hints and tips and hopefully show you how you can free up your cash flow by using alternative finance solutions in order to keep you out of the red and in the black.

Just before 2pm go to http://www.financeexplained.tv/chat/how-to-maximise-your-cash-flow and enjoy the show.

If you wish to ask any questions ahead of the web TV show, feel free to visit that link and leave your name and questions in the box provided.

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