M-Commerce Still Subsidiary Sales Channel

SellerDeck, one of the country’s oldest providers of ecommerce software, has said that whilst mobile commerce is rapidly gaining acceptance it still remains a subsidiary sales channel.

One of the biggest reasons for m-commerce not being more widely accpeted than it is lies with shoppers, a third of whom have concerns over possible security issues.

Other findings from the concumer research conducted by SellerDeck showed that even so, as many as 43% of consumers made purchases from their mobile phones.

The interesting fact is that whilst nearly half of phone owners have made purchases through their devices, they have done so only a few times a year.

The other 57% of owners say they never or very rarely use m-commerce.

Talking about the findings, SellerDeck’s Marketing Driector, Phil Rothwell, said:

“Undertaking consumer research is an important part of our development process, but it rarely generates any big surprises.”

Commenting on the standout facts about consumers’ use of mcommerce, Rothwell noted that:

"…it is encouraging that online retailers still have time to make their websites mobile-ready."

“However, the data also suggests they [online retailers] need to take care that they understand the buying behaviours of their customers and gear the level of investment to potential returns.”

Regarding consumers’ concerns about the security of mcommerce, Rothwell acknowledged the efforts of online vendors but still had questions:

“Ecommerce vendors have resolved consumers’ concerns about online shopping security from a desktop and consumers seem to have confidence. Clearly, this has not being carried over into the mobile world but the reasons why aren’t yet clear.”

Looking at consumer buying habits there were significant findings about the locations from where they would make purchases – 70% of consumers make purchases from home, 14% whilst they’re travelling and just 7.5% make purchases whilst they’re in coffee shops.

Rothwell concluded:

“It’s hard not to conclude that environment factors aren’t also important. After all, who wants to fiddle around tapping credit card numbers into a smartphone in a public place like a crowded bus or train.”

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