Smarter Marketing Strategies for Ambitious SMEs

Join the live WebTV show tomorrow for advice on how to acquire more customers through smarter marketing strategies.

Show date: Friday the 5th April 2013

Show time: 1pm (GMT)

The best marketing strategies may well be both ingenious and memorable but the acid test is this – do these initiatives help to sell more products or services and do these marketing startegies attract more customers?

For many small businesses marketing can be challenging with entrepreneurs lacking the marketing skills when they start out. One particular challenge is the limited budget of start up small businesses and deciding the best way to spend on marketing to new customers.

Social media is one channel for modern day marketing but newcomers are often unable to get to grips with running Facebook and Twitter campaigns whilst updating their business blogs, especially seeing as they’re doing their best to run all the other aspects of their business.

One challenge facing startups is whether to actually use all the marketing channels at their disposal – The “everyone else is using it so why shouldn’t I?” debate is important because there is no point in using social media purely for the sake of it.

Effective Marketing

So, if social media is not the be all and end all of marketing then what are the best ways for small businesses to reach more customers?

In the WebTV show, Andrew Brunden, founder and Director of innovative luggage firm Patrona, will be speaking about how he quit his day job and now, three years later, is on target to turn over £1.2 million.

Dreamt up whilst he was running or cycling to work, Brunden’s product, Shirt Shuttle, is a best selling accessory for keeping shirts freshly pressed when travelling. The product was so good that even legendary design guru Sir Terence Conran backed it.

Also in the studio is Allan Blair, head of social media at digital marketing agency TribalDDB, who has been advising businesses on their marketing strategies for over a decade now.

Joining Andrew and Allan is Mark Hopkins, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, to explain how small businesses can think big and yet keep their costs down when it comes to marketing.

The team will be in the studio live at 1pm on Friday the 5th April, so feel free to join them by visiting

You can visit the link to put your questions to the team before the show.

And if you’re thinking of joining in on twitter, feel free to use the tag #SmartMarketing

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