New Government Apprenticeship Ambassadors Appointed

Apprenticeship Week concluded yesterday with the appointment of two new government Apprenticeship Ambassadors.

The two new roles have been established by the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, and the Education Secretary, Michael Gove.

The first post is that of Apprenticeship Ambassador to Business. This role has been assigned to Gordon Birtwhistle, MP.v

Birtwhistle started his career as an engineering apprentice and he will enage with employers on the benefits of apprenticeships.

His prime goal is to promote high qulaity apprenticeships for the 16-24 age group andto promote high level apprenticeships particularly in areas of greatest need such as engineering.

The second post is Apprenticeship Ambassador to Parliament. This role has been filled by Andrew Jones, MP.

Jones’ role is to encourage the promotion of apprenticeships amongst Members of Parliament so that they in turn can provide information and advice to their own constituents.

The aim of creating the two posts was to raise the profile of apprenticeships to a wide audeince and to increase their impact and quality overall.

Speaking of the two new roles, Business Secretary Vince Cable said:

“I am delighted to welcome Gordon to this new role. I cannot think of a more credible ambassador to business and young people, explaining the benefits an apprenticeship brings, than someone like Gordon who started out his life as an apprentice and built a very successful career on the back of it.”

“My ambition is that by 2015, any school leaver should look at an apprenticeship and a degree as equal in terms of value, earning potential and employability. These new ambassadors will help the government ensure that apprenticeships are the recognised, high quality, vocational route which people of all.”

Gordon Birtwistle MP said of his appointment as Apprenticeship Ambassador to Business:

“I am delighted to be joining the government’s efforts to promote apprenticeships. As a former apprentice myself I recognise the value and importance of apprenticeships. Whenever I meet young apprentices I am blown away by their enthusiasm and mature approach to their careers. I am excited to have this opportunity to help the government debunk the myths around apprenticeships and encourage more young people and businesses into taking up these high skilled roles.”

On becoming the Apprenticeship Ambassador to Parliament, Andrew Jones MP said of his appointment:

“The growth in apprenticeship numbers is a significant government success. There are 650 MPs, so we could have 650 local champions promoting apprenticeships up and down the country, driving even faster growth. I am looking forward to starting, and working with colleagues across parliament to help them become those local champions.”

“Today the government published its response to the Richard Review of apprenticeships, which sets out its plan to redefine apprenticeships to build on their success and make them among the best in the world. It will also raise standards, overhaul qualifications, assessment and delivery, and place apprenticeships firmly in the hands of employers.”

Both of the new ambassadors will be reporting to the Department for Education and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) so that their feedback can be used to further develop policy.

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