WebTV Show: Smarter Financing for Ambitious SMEs

Join the live webstream for advice on raising capital for your business on Tuesday 12th March at 12.45


Whatever stage of the business lifecycle your venture is at, be it startup or established SME, you will probably want to consider raising finance for your firm at some point.

Knowing when, where and who to get your financial advice from is an important part at this stage, so who do you ask about finance and at what stage in the process?

The banks are classically the first port of call, but with bank lending in short supply the other alternative sources of business finance need to be considered.

One entrepreneur with first-hand experience of securing alternative business finance is Andrew Denham, CEO and founder of The Bicycle Academy. Andrew crowd-funded his start-up business and raised £40,000 in just six days.

Andrew is joined by business owner & business journalist, Dan Matthews, and the Head of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Adrian Millar, to discuss the small business options for smarter finance.

Our guests will be covering a wide range of topics on the subject of finance, with everything from day-to-day cost savings to hidden charges and the "whole life" cost of investments.

If you have any queries for our panel about smarter finance and alternative sources of funding then feel free to visit the web page and enter your question ahead of the Tuesday’s show.

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