Keep Trade Local More Relevant Than Ever

Keep Trade Local - Federation of Small BusinessesThe recent scandal regarding horsemeat being found in beef products has prompted the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) to remind small firms of the Keep Trade Local campaign.

Re-launching their Keep Trade Local campaign, the FSB hopes to keep the spotlight on the issue of local small businesses and the vital role they play in communities.

The horsemeat scandal has found meat from foreign slaughterhouses in products on UK shelves with sources in France, Ireland and Romania being highlighted in the media.

The FSB has said that UK consumers supporting their local butchers and other independent retailers will help to ensure that these sort of problems do not recur.

Some FSB members who own butchers shops have reported an increase in sales since the crisis hit, seeing shoppers show an increased interest in the source of their products.

One of the major advantages of using the local butcher is their intimate knowledge of their own suppliers, thus providing a line of traceability from producer to consumer.

In addition, the Keep Trade Local campaign points out that every £1 spent with a local supplier generates £1.76 for the local economy as opposed to multinationals where every £1 spent puts just 36p into the local economy.

Doing Better Business

Independent butchers have been in decline over a number of years with the Meat Trades Journal reporting that over 15,000 butchers have ceased trading since the 1980s.

But with the recent scandal, they have seen a small resurgence in trade, mainly from discerning shoppers looking for honest food.

Brindon Addy of J Brindon Addy Butchers in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, echoed this, saying:

“Food scandals are usually good for independent butchers because the meat we produce and sell is high quality and assured. Butchers buy direct from the farmers, not wholesalers, so customers can trust what they are buying from their local butcher because the source of the food is known.”

Michael Patterson, of W Patterson butcher in Ringwood, Hampshire added:

“As with many traditional local butchers, here, we do everything on site. The meat comes in whole and we then prepare pies, sausages and hams under our own control. We pride ourselves on being a top quality local meat supplier.”

John Walker, the FSB’s National Chairman, said of the recent rise in business:

“It isn’t surprising that some local butchers have seen an increase in sales during the current scandal. We hope that this has a positive effect on the other independent retailers on the high street so that the greengrocer and baker also benefits.”

Speaking about keeping trade local, Walker finshed by saying:

“Shopping locally not only supports the shops on the high street, but the farmer or manufacturer down the road too and it puts the money spent back into the local economy. It has an important social function too being the focal point of the community.”

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