Record Numbers of Tax Returns Filed On Time

31st January is your final deadlineHM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has revealed that a record number of tax returns have been filed on time.

The number of self-assessment payers who filed on time this year reached a record 9.61 million.

The total number of people with self-assessment for the 2011-2012 tax year is 10.34 million.

Breaking down the figures, HMRC said that another record was achieved this year with 7.93 million tax returns filed online; that’s 82.5% of all tax returns received.

The remainder that were filed were still on paper, amounting to to a further 1.68 million paper returns, or 17.5% of the total received.

HMRC said that the busiest day for the receipt of tax returns was the 31st of January when 578,000 tax returns were filed.

The busiest hour for receiving tax returns was between 4pm and 5pm on the 31st January. More than 12 tax returns were received per second at HMRC, making 46,000 returns filed in that one hour.

And it wasn’t just the last day rush that showed large numbers of self-assessment filing. On Christmas Day 1, 548 people filed returns as did 4,685 on Boxing Day, 27,161 on New Year’s Eve and 12,077 on New Year’s Day.

Any self-employed people who failed to hand their paper work in or file it online on time were automatically subjected to a £100 late-filing penalty.

HMRC ran a campaign of adverts using the slogan "I found inner peace when I did my Tax Return online before 31 Jan".

You can see the images from the ad campaign at the HMRC’s flickr account.

Business owners who need help with their self-assessment should seek help and advice from the HMRC website at or from the Self Assessment helpline which they can call on 0845 9000 444.

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