Business Bank Lifts the Lid on Customer Needs

Business Bank Lifts the Lid on Customer Needs

Research conducted through YouGov on behalf of Aldermore Bank has "lifted the lid" on what Britain’s small businesses might really want from their bank.

In the survey of senior decision makers at 508 small businesses across the country, just 35% of those polled thought that their business bank offered the best savings rate to new customers.

37% of SMEs questioned believed that it was unwise to "shop around" for better financial deals for fear of spoiling their relationship with their bank.

A massive 78% of businesses who have surplus cash believe that they have never been offered the best business savings account for their money.

Similarly, around 66% of small firms were unaware of business bank accounts that might be able to make better use of their money.

Aldermore Bank, launched in 2009, serves personal banking customers but has focused on providing services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) believing that small businesses are "the lifeblood of the economy".

To view more information and a video on the infographic click here or follow Aldermore on Twitter at @aldermorebank.

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