Skype in the Workspace for Small Businesses

Small Business News – 4th December 2012

Skype in the WorkplaceVoIP platform Skype, has launched a hub called "Skype in the Workspace" specifically for small businesses.

Skype, best known for connecting friends and families across the globe, was acquired by Microsoft in May 2011 for a sum of $8.5 billion and was expected to be snapped up by either Facebook or Google before the Redwood giant landed the deal.

However, Skype’s user base has continued to use the software on a far more personal level rather than serious commercial use as Microsoft may have anticipated and the new Skype in the Workplace (SITW) initiative aims to address that.

The SITW community was set up in beta around six months ago, so small businesses visiting the SITW website can see the environment is already established.

SITW is supposed to act as a collaboration tool so new users of Skype can look at the potential of the free service to offer their enterprise skills, ask commerical questions or simply share business ideas with the community.

There are a number of areas where SMEs can connect with other small businesses on Skype to talk about everything from interaction design and financial know-how to business coaching and innovation & strategy.

Experts in all of these fields are available to be contacted directly through Skype, with their websites and twitter accounts available too.

One example of an opportunity available through Skype in the Workplace is for 20 minutes to connect with Dr. Eugene Buff to discuss growing your business by open innovation.

Or how about a 5 minute chat with Chartered Accountant Findlay Paul? Offering experience in accounting and specialised tax services in Edinburgh and beyonf, Findlay can add value to your startup or existing small business.

For more information on how you can use Skype to foster better business relationships, have a look at Skype in the workspace and see which experts, coaches and consultants can help your business grow.

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