Web TV Show – Maximise Cash Flow with Invoice Finance

Maximise Cash FlowThis Friday at 10am join in the live webTV show on how to maximise your small business’ cash flow by using trade and invoice finance.

Cash flow is an pressing issue for many of the UK’s small businesses with a combination of factors negatively affecting SME’s cash flow – from the late payment of invoices to a lack of lending from the banks.

Only last week the Business Minister, Michael Fallon, said that maybe it was time to start naming and shaming the big businesses that either failed or flat out refused to sign up to the Prompt Payment Code.

In addition to focusing on these issues, opportunities have also arisen for businesses that are willing to adopt clever business strategies; Exporting overseas, redefining business culture and being more innovative when it comes to enterprise finance are apparently opening doors for some firms.

HSBC Commercial Banking has conducted research which concludes that UK small businesses with what they call "smart finance strategies" are at an advantage when it comes to enterprise. These companies, say HSBC, are most likely to report business growth in the next two years and exporting is also high on their agenda.

These predictions of development, both financially and in terms of export markets, are mostly due to small businesses’ key use of both trade and invoice finance.

So, this Friday, join Steve Box, HSBC’s head of Trade and receivables, Europe, as he explains the business benefits of trading abroad and invoice finance initiatives to help your firm grow.

Steve will be talking about a number of issues including how to create formal and informal alliances, maximising your business’s cash flow and how to use invoice finance to free up capital and investment assets so that you can grow your business.

Follow this link to the WebTV show on Friday at 10am or visit before to ask questions ahead of the show.

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