Calling All SMBs – Priority Moments is Free

O2 Priority Moments - Now FreeIn an undeniably tricky economic climate small businesses need to be creative to thrive. Luckily there are some great tools out there for growing an independent business. Priority Moments on O2 is a case in point and from October 15th it’s been opened up for small and medium businesses to use, free. The effective location-based service allows businesses large and small to market themselves and attract customers. Famous brands have been seeing the benefits of the service since it launched in 2011. Now any business, whether or not they are on O2, can take advantage of it.

Priority Moments is a loyalty service which gives O2 customers exclusive offers and experiences. Most customers use Priority Moments through the mobile app. It allows customers to see the deals, offers and experiences nearest to them, making it a strong tool for promoting a local business.

The app works by showing local O2 customers your offer through the location based home page. It’s a reliable way to increase footfall. But that’s not the only benefit, many business owners think of it as free advertising space which allows you spread awareness of what your business offers to relevant customers.

Small and medium businesses can now use the online portal completely free. You can create, manage and promote offers. In a neat side step of the issues that often occur when businesses offer deals, Priority Moments lets you to review the success of your offer in real time, adjusting it if necessary so that it works better for you. If you decide you’d like to pause your offer or repeat it then you can do so whenever you fancy.

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To mark the launch of Priority Moments to SMBs, which arrives on October 15th, we spoke to a couple of the businesses that have already used Priority Moments to find out what their experiences have been.

Manager of the café bakery Euphorium, Marcela Bortoli:

“Being able to target people in our local area, and remind them that there’s more to what we offer than just bread was really important to us.”

Fashion designer and owner of boutique Number 25, Andrea Cohen:

“Working with Priority Moments is a great opportunity to attract a larger audience than small businesses can ordinarily hope to attract.” 

Find out what Priority Moments will do for your business.

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