Health & Safety Fee for Intervention Introduced

Hard hatThe Government has been attempting to unnecessary bureaucracy for small businesses recently as part of its Red Tape Challenge. One of the places where the coalition has seen such a benefit is in the scrapping of health & safety inspections to what it calls "low risk" businesses. The reduced scope inspections will come into force in april 2013.

Now the Government has brought in another set of rules to recover costs from firms that break health and safety laws.

Starting today, Monday the 1st of October 2012, the Fee for Intervention (FFI) comes into force.

Under The Health & Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will recover its costs from those businesses found liable in breaching health & safety laws.

The HSE’s related costs are also liable for recovery including inspection and investigation, report writing and the cost of having to take enforcement action against law breakers.

The Fees for Intervention rate is £124 per hour for 2012/2013 and is expected to be an added incentive for businesses to comply with their legal duties.

Businesses that comply with health and safety law will continue to do so at no cost.

Expected to "level the playing field between those who comply and those who don’t" the FFI scheme will reviewed between 12 and 36 months after today’s launch and the results will be made available on the HSE website.

HSE’s Chief Executive, Geoffrey Podger, said about FFI;

“The most basic safety mistakes in the workplace can devastate lives and result in real costs to industry.”

“It is right that those who fail to meet their legal obligations should pay HSE’s costs rather than the public purse having to do so.”

Small businesses can read the full guide to the Fee for Intervention scheme over on the HSE website.

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