Foundry Slashes Energy Bills by Going Green

Upton & Place, BurnleyA Lancashire Foundry, established over one hundred years ago, has gone green in order to cut its costs.

Lupton & Place, a family-run business in Burnley, established in 1892, expects its electricity bill to be slashed by as much as £8,000 a year.

The lighting in the foundry that employs 150 people has been replaced by an energy-efficient lighting system and, as well as the financial savings, the foundry will reduce its electricity usage by an estimated 85,000kWh and see carbon emissions cut by 46.3 tons per annum.

The £20,000 installation from Eco Environments will be paid back in just 2 and a half years is elligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances meaning that 100% of the cost of the project can be written off in the first year.

Foundry Manager John Bardgett, said of the new installation:

“We chose to invest in energy efficient lighting across the foundry as it had a quick payback and limited interruption to our business during installation.”

“Most work was completed over a weekend and we are now not only more energy efficient but have a far better lit and improved working environment.”

David Hunt, Sales and Marketing Director for Eco Environments, added:

“We are seeing huge demand from businesses, particularly those with high lighting usage, for energy efficient lighting installations.”

“The return on investment for such schemes is eye-watering and there are further incentives with funding available from the Carbon Trust as well as the Enhanced Capital Allowances which Lupton & Place was able to take advantage of.”

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