CompanyBook Launches in the UK

CompanyBook - Connecting BusinessEvery knows about facebook. Don’t they? Well now there’s CompanyBook – A bit like facebook but for companies.

CompanyBook is not the brainchild of Mark Zuckerburg and his crew but is a product of Norway, the country that also brought us the Opera browser.

Companybook is being touted as the first company network combining collaboration, lead generation and media monitoring specifically for enterprise to help British companies match-make with potential customers around the world.
Companybook redefines social enterprise software to give companies the ability to focus on real opportunities by shining a spotlight on the market position and brand reputation of businesses in their neighbourhood or further afield. Contacts can then be engaged through collaborative tools.

Corporate, financial and global information from close to 90 million organisations in over 200 countries, along with news from over 3 million online sites, is available to companies either for free or a premium annual subscription price of £147 per user. By replacing existing fragmented services for around 1/10 of the total cost, Companybook exploits the business advantages now offered by social-focused platforms, despite the economic challenges.

With the market for social enterprise technologies forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 61% to $6.4 billion in 2016 [1], British organisations will benefit from using services with broad reach that also simplify the access and integration process.

Companybook was built by serial technology entrepreneur, Harald Jellum, whose past successes include two of Norway’s leading search-and-match companies, IntelliSearch and Cyberwatcher.

“Never before has global company data been combined with social media tools for users in the UK or internationally,”

said Jellum, founder and CEO of Companybook.

“We asked ourselves how far organisations of all sizes would go to find the right customers and how we could use our expertise to build the first social platform that would become indispensable for their business.”

Key features of CompanyBook

  • Collaboration – to take care of existing customers with group workspace and content share facilities
  • Lead generation – to find and analyse customers and partners with geo search and advanced filtering by product, service, individual, company type, size and industry
  • Media monitoring – to learn about new business leads and competitors by following and monitoring sentiment on global news and social media sites

For further information go and have a look at the new CompanyBook website.

  1. ^Social Enterprise Apps Redefine Collaboration’, Forrester, November 2011

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