Need a TV License to Watch the Summer of Sport at Work?

Watching TV at workWith the Euro 2012 games starting tomorrow and 50 days to go until the London Olympics 2012, employers across the country can’t help but think… Will staff be throwing sickies or will they be wanting to watch the TV whilst at work?

By providing or allowing staff to watch the sport on TV whilst they work is a tricky one – By doing so you could avoid the issue of skiving and the probability of taking out disciplinary action should you catch anyone doing so. Or you could be allowing a distraction into the workplace. Whatever management decision you take will have to be a finely balanced one.

But what about TV licensing? You do have a TV licence for your business premises don’t you? Or what about staff watching the games on their phones or handheld devices? After all, staff who bring their own devices (BYOD) to work reportedly get a moral boost and are more productive.

This is where TV Licensing and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) have stepped in to provide a TV in the Workplace guide to clarify the law. Both major issues are covered:

  1. Whether your workplace is covered by a TV Licence or not and if people are able to watch TV legally and
  2. Whether or not you actually allow viewing of live TV

This not only covers your staff but also any visitors to your business premises. The TV in the workplace guide includes a useful template to create a TV viewing policy for your small business – You can simply tick all the boxes that apply and print out a viewing policy that you can distribute to your employees and make visible to all your guests.

So check if your business needs a TV licence and look a the policy guide and template.

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