Female Entrepreneurs: Enter the Everywoman Awards

Everywoman Awards 2012Inspirational female entrepreneurs who have battled against the odds are being called on to enter the 2012 NatWest everywoman awards before 20 July.

The Everywoman Awards are open to self-employed women who have overcome adversity, financial constraints, social disadvantages or skills gaps to achieve business success. Entrants can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else.

The award categories include:

  • Artemis— for entrants 25 years old and under
  • Demeter— for 26- to 35-year-olds
  • Athena— for 36- to 49-year-olds
  • Hera— for 50-year-olds and over
  • Iris— for the most inspirational female entrepreneur who runs a tech business
  • Hestia— awarded to an entrant who runs a rural business contributing to the local economy
  • Gaia— awarded to an entrant whose business has a clear social or ethical purpose

Winners of the awards can use the everywoman logo in their marketing.

“SMEs make up over 99% of the total number of businesses in the UK so in terms of economic health, it is vital that we support and acknowledge their contribution to British business,”

said everywoman co-founder Karen Gill.

“If we do not take steps to champion female enterprise so that future generations see it as a viable career choice, we will risk irreparable damage to our already fragile economy.”

Apply to the everywoman awards

Female Entrepreneurs: Enter the Everywoman Awards

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