Pants to Poverty Entrepreneur Launches Student Enterprise Challenge

In a bid to inspire entrepreneurs and small businesses of the future, fair trade entrepreneur Ben Ramsden has launched a design competition for students nationwide to design, produce and sell an Olympic-themed pair of pants.

Acting as a "Gazelle" entrepreneur — the group of successful business leaders round the UK that bring their experience of growing small firms into the heart of further education sector — Ben Ramsden, founder of fair trade underwear brand Pants to Poverty explained:

“For young people starting their careers in today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever to encourage them to start their own businesses and get experience whilst at college.”

“This competition helps students raise their ‘underwearness’ by becoming a real entrepreneur who can liberate the power in their pants,” he added.

Ramsden’s ‘Pantrepreneur Challenge’ will offer creative students the chance to learn basic business skills in a real small firm. Competitors will consist of student teams made up of designers, financiers, management, marketing and sales people.
Set up in 2011, Gazelle recruits leaders from the private and public sectors who are committed to teaching business skills in further education colleges. Nationwide, 15 colleges are taking part and will send forward teams of student entrepreneurs.

The winners will be the team that sells the most underwear. The second prize will be the chance to run a Pants to Poverty stall at festivals in summer 2012, and the third prize will be a year’s worth of Pants to Poverty underwear. The top team will travel to India and to see the Pants to Poverty supply chain at first hand.

“What’s more, students will see how even small businesses can change the world for the better,” Ramsden concluded.

To enter the competition, contact your local FE Gazelle college for details.

Pants to Poverty Entrepreneur Launches Student Enterprise Challenge

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