Worst Workplace Habits Revealed

Colleagues picking their noses has topped a poll of the most unpleasant workplace habits, new research has highlighted.

In the survey of 512 adults, 28% chose nose picking as the most disgusting activity, while having to watch colleagues chewing their nails was seen as the most off-putting for nearly a fifth.

Bad body odour attracted 17% of the votes, while one in ten said colleagues eating curries and garlicky dishes with aromas that “lasted for hours” was their personal bugbear.

Other unpleasant behaviour included breaking wind (3%), colleagues “staring at your chest” (2%) and female colleagues applying make-up at their desk (1%).

A spokesman for the poll said it was “surprising” that so many bad habits were commonplace at work, but advised business owners to be upfront about irritating or challenging behaviour.

“Talk to the worst offenders in the nicest way you can and try and nip the problem in the bud,” he said.

HR specialist and director Fintan O’Toole agreed that business owners needed to tackle “antisocial” habits, otherwise workplace morale could suffer.

“Seemingly trivial problems can easily escalate so it’s always best to try and resolve things. Managers and business owners have a duty to all employees, and one person can’t be allowed to make everyone’s life a misery,” he said.

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Worst Workplace Habits Revealed

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