Mary’s Bottom Line

Mary's Bottom LineSet your alarms for Thursday 15th March at 9pm, business people, because next week Mary Portas is back on TV with her new show – Mary’s Bottom Line.

Britain, once the powerhouse of the world, was the home of the Industrial Revolution. Ideas, drive and technological breakthroughs were the basis of a new age of industrialism and entrepreneurialism that spread from this little island to change the world.

In the 200 years since, the nation has fallen from being a manufacturing stalwart to an also ran as competing countries have crowded out the UK and our fabrication industries, particularly textiles and clothing, have diminished to a shadow of their former selves.

Mary, Queen of Shops, aims to challenge that!

With foreign transport and labour costs on the increase, retail guru Mary Portas believes there is a window of opportunity, albeit a minute one, in which to breathe some life back into British clothing manufacturing.

By going back to Middleton in Greater Manchester, home of the great Lancashire cotton mills, Mary intends to kick-start a new wave of "Buy British". Starting up a line of British-made knickers, Portas will be restoring a mothballed factory, resucitating manufacturing skills and ensuring that the valuable craft of seamstressing is passed on to a new generation.

Along with tracking down one the country’s last remaining fabric manufacturers and whipping the new recruits into shape, Mary Portas intends to inspire a new respect for UK jobs and restore pride and value in the British manfacturing process…

But, as the Channel 4 website says, "Will she pull it off, or will her first ever foray into manufacturing be simply a brief encounter?" (Groan if you want to)

So make a note in your diaries for next Thursday, 15th March, 9pm, Channel 4 for Mary’s Bottom Line…

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