2012 International Safety Awards

Small businesses with outstanding health and safety records are being called on to enter the 2012 International Safety Awards and have their achievements recognised.

The awards, which are open to businesses in sectors as diverse as construction, hospitality and transport, are seeking organisations where good health and safety practice is part of the business culture.

Award organisers, the British Safety Council, said that the competition enables entrants to benchmark their health and safety performance, while winners receive press coverage and the marketing benefits of using the award logo.  

A previous winner said:

“We are proud to display the award plaque in our reception so that everyone coming in will know we take health and safety seriously. It also enforces the fact that we are doing things right and maintaining a level that is acceptable within the industry.”

Applicants are required to complete a short questionnaire about their health and safety management and the competition is open to memebers and non-members of the British Safety Council alike.

The benefits of the International Safety Awards include:

  1. Benchmarking your business’s health and saefty performance
  2. Demonstrating your business’s commitment to health and safety standards
  3. Press coverage for your business
  4. Winner’s banquet
  5. Winner’s logo
  6. Winner’s trophy and certificate

The deadline for entries is 29th February 2012.

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2012 International Safety Awards

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