Free Tool Helps Construction Firms Cut Emissions

Construction firms can quickly calculate their carbon emissions associated with materials, transport, site activities, waste management and travel, following the launch of an online tool by the Environment Agency (EA).

The EA said that the free tool would help businesses work out the sustainability of their activities and reduce their emissions. The tool helps users compare the sustainability of different designs, depending on their carbon footprint.

“Whether your development is large or small, you will need to consider the impact it will have on the environment, during construction and in the future,”

said an EA spokesperson.

“Rather than constraining your work, the environment can be a big opportunity. High environmental standards can bring value to your development and boost your green credentials.”

By law, any construction project in England costing more than £300,000 needs a Site Waste Management Plan. This sets out how building materials and waste are to be managed.

Access the free carbon calculator tool

Free Tool Helps Construction Firms Cut Emissions

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