Enterprising Families Wanted for Channel 4 Series

A TV production company is looking for an enterprising family willing to trade in their current life to run their own small business.

The show, being made by True North Productions for primetime broadcast on Channel 4, will see a family pursuing their aspirations to change their circumstances, with support from a team of business and financial experts.

The experts will evaluate their current life and come up with three different realistic business and life plans to get them started. Applicants must have the resources to finance their change of life, be willing to relocate and to start filming in spring 2012. The show will require a minimum commitment of two months.

“We wanted to make a programme that shows changing your life for the better doesn’t have to be as daunting as you might think,”

said Helen Soothill of True North Productions.

“Many people dream of change — especially in this financial climate — but when you’re working all the hours in the day, it can be very difficult to sit and plan how you can actually change your life.”

“The appeal of our programme is that if you have the ideas, the ambition and the capital to potentially make some big life changes, we have the time and the expert knowledge to help you,” she added.

Soothill said the experts would explore the family’s existing ideas for a business venture and the locations they would like to live, then produce three achievable plans for making the change. A team of researchers will help with the practical aspects of moving and setting up a business, such as house hunting and sourcing new schools for their children.

“We’d show the reality of these three different plans. For example, if they dream of running their own bakery near the coast, they would get to experience the realities of this, both good and bad. Our participants will then hopefully wish to choose one of the options that has been presented to them.”

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Helen Soothill on 0113 394 5497 or email hsoothill@truenorth.tv

Enterprising Families Wanted for Channel 4 Series

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