JobMatch Tool Helps HR Departments

Talent management company, SHL, have launched what it calls an industry-first with its JobMatch tool at the CIPD Annual Conference in Manchester. The online tool allows HR professionals and line managers to match candidates to the right roles in a cost-effective, objective and scientific way.

Using the tool, organisations shold be able to quickly and effectively match a candidate’s performance potential to essential job-specific requirements and competencies. With more than 30 years of global experience in talent assessment and measurement, JobMatch is an automated and easy-to-use online tool that helps HR professionals and line managers to accurately define the job profile of any role that needs to be filled. It selects the appropriate assessments and evaluates each candidate’s suitability for the position – matching it against SHL’s extensive database of more than 7,000 job profiles.

Previously, in-depth job analysis was something only large organisations could afford or resource. Now mid-sized firms can accurately hire with confidence and minimise costly hiring mistakes using this tool. Hiring the right people first time is crucial given that staff turnover costs the UK economy £42bn a year, according to a 2010 PwC study.

“JobMatch allows organisations to take a scientific, objective approach to recruitment at an affordable price.”

said Paul Levett, chief product officer at SHL.

“Never before have hiring decisions been more crucial in driving business results – getting them wrong can be extremely costly.”

 “This tool enables users to quickly identify critical job requirements, pinpoint essential competencies, and assess candidates for their degree of fit to the job, helping businesses make the right recruitment decision first time.”

JobMatch has a straight forward process in three steps:

  1. Defining the job: Companies can choose from a set of more than 800 occupations derived from the best-known industry sources, each one mapped to SHL’s own extensive database of competency profiles for more than 7,000 jobs. JobMatch makes it easy to develop an accurate job profile and align specific capability requirements.

  2. Reviewing the job: The online tool allows for easy input and review by multiple stakeholders, offering greater levels of internal engagement and buy-in throughout the process – further ensuring that a company’s hires are the ideal fit for their jobs.

  3. Assessing for the job: Candidates are invited to sit an online assessment and the company receives a reliable Match Score for each individual to inform the hiring process. An optional, individually tailored JobMatch report with interview guide can then be used for the best-fit candidates taken to interview stage.

SHL are demoing JobMatch on stand 4060 at the CIPD Annual Conference.

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