More Consumers Reading Marketing Emails

Consumers are showing more interest in the email marketing they receive because businesses have improved their targeting techniques, research by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has highlighted.

The DMA poll of 1,800 consumers found that 30 per cent were interested in at least half of the promotions that landed in their inbox ― a jump from just 9 per cent last year.

The results also suggested that email newsletters were reaching a relevant audience, with half of those polled reporting that they received 20 or more emails each week from trusted brands. Just one in four respondents said that more than 90 per cent of the marketing emails that landed in their inbox were irrelevant, down from 64 per cent in 2010.

DMA executive director Chris Combemale said that the results were “a boon to businesses” and reflected the growing accuracy of email marketing campaigns.

“The massive rise over the past year in the number of emails that consumers report as being of relevance to them is a direct consequence of improved targeting and segmentation techniques, as well as a greater understanding of the kinds of content that are appealing,” he said.

One common mistake made by businesses when carrying out email marketing was “to make it all about selling”, according to e-marketing expert and author Lucy Whittington. said.

“Create relevant content that your customers can read, such as a newsletter with useful articles, opinions or tips on your industry sector, with the odd deal thrown in. Make sure that anything you send out is targeted properly to your different customer groups and that your database is up to date.”

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