Firms Called On to Highlight Worst Employment Laws

Red Tape ChallengeSmall firms across the UK have just three weeks left to identify the worst aspects of employment law, as part of ongoing Government efforts to cut red tape.

In the latest stage of the Government’s Red Tape Challenge, which aims to cut back on excessive regulation, ministers have urged businesses to name specific areas of employment law that they would like to see changed or even scrapped.

Examples of legislation under review include immigration checks, the National Minimum Wage, statutory sick pay and collective redundancies. 

“Whether it is the filling out of endless forms when you hire your first member of staff, the complexities of letting somebody go or simply managing staff on a day-to-day basis, we want to review these regulations with the aim of giving business more confidence in employing people and creating more jobs.”

said employment relations minister Edward Davey.

Businesses can submit their views on employment law throughout October on the Red Tape Challenge website. Other areas of legislation already reviewed include health and safety, and manufacturing.

Once the review is completed, ministers have three months to decide which laws they will scrap. The Government has stated that “burdensome regulation” will be abolished, “unless government departments can justify why they are needed”.

Results of the employment law review will be published later this year. The Red Tape Challenge was launched in April this year, and has attracted around 23,000 responses from firms so far, according to official figures.

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