Start Up Britain Summer Bus Tour hits the Road

Start Up Britain Summer Bus TourA double-decker bus full of entrepreneurs and business experts will be touring England and Wales from today to give on-the-spot help to would-be business owners.

The Start Up Britain summer bus tour will be calling at 14 locations between 22 August and 23 September, including Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sunderland, London then Sheffield, where it will feature in the MADE: The Entrepreneur Festival.

On board the bus will be well-known national and local entrepreneurs, including Start Up Britain founders and the likes of Rob Law, the founder of Trunki.

Representatives of major companies that supply small firms as well as local media editors will also be on hand to speak to new and prospective entrepreneurs about the many aspects of running a small business, from opening a bank account to getting into the local press.

“The aim is to get many more people thinking about or taking another step towards starting their own business, or helping their existing business to grow by giving them access to the free support on board.”

said Start Up Britain co-founder Emma Jones.

“In some areas, we’re targeting specific people — in Brighton, for instance, we’re going to a school to speak to students. We also have arrangements with job centres everywhere we’re going. We’re trying to create a jovial atmosphere — that’s important, because there’s this perception that business is boring.”

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