Domain Names More Expensive Than a Year Ago

Small businesses are paying 5% more for their domain names than they were a year ago, a survey by Sedo has suggested.

The research found businesses are now paying an average of £358 for their web address, up from £342 in the second quarter of 2010. The data also revealed that 60% of domain names cost less than £500, while 4% cost over £5,000., for example, recently fetched £22,500.

The Sedo survey also indicated that more businesses were buying seasonal or themed domain names either to complement their main business site, or to boost their search engine rankings over competitors.

Web marketing expert Gemma Haggerty of online search firm Minute Steak said it was worthwhile for firms to spend more on a relevant domain name, otherwise they risked being overlooked by search engines.

“Obviously you should try to buy the specific name of your business, but it’s also worth purchasing domains closely related to your brand and any foreign suffixes if you sell into different countries.”

Buying up seasonal web addresses, such as those related to specific annual events like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, could also act as a useful marketing tool, added Haggerty.

“For instance, you could set up a seasonal microsite related to your main business. Not only will this boost your rankings, but it will help maximise trade at key times.”

Domain Names More Expensive Than a Year Ago

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