Climate-conscious Businesses Urged to Apply for Shell Springboard

Shell SpringboardSmall businesses with eco-friendly business ideas have the chance to win up to £40,000, following the launch of the 2012 Shell Springboard awards.

Applicants to the Shell Springboard fund are required to demonstrate that their product or service will reduce carbon emissions, and that it is innovative and commercially viable.

Eligible businesses must operate in the UK, have been established for three months and have a maximum of 250 employees. Only online applications are accepted. 

Shortlisted entries will be interviewed face to face by a panel of judges in January 2012. A total fund of £320,000 is available in awards of £20,000 or £40,000.

“The benefits of winning a Shell Springboard award are numerous,”

said Shell social investment programme manager, Jennifer Marsden.

“Winners are able to use the £40,000 or £20,000 in whichever way is best to further their business, whether it’s to build a prototype or for marketing. They also gain publicity and the kudos of being recognised by high-profile judges helps them secure further investment.

“Winning businesses have truly innovative solutions to climate change, but can also demonstrate they have thought about their route to market, have a realistic development strategy, and are committed to see their idea through.”

One of last year’s winners was Exeter-based Ashwoods Automotive which received £30,000 to develop its battery management system to increase the performance of hybrid and electric vehicles.

“They are increasingly popular for large commercial fleets due to their potential to drastically cut carbon emissions.”

said Ashwoods Automotive spokesman Marc Roberts.

“However, the industry faces a challenge to maintain the condition of battery packs, the central component for all electric vehicles.”

The deadline for entries is Friday 4 November 2011. Winners will be announced in early 2012.

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