How Small Business Can Get In on the Olympics

How SMEs can get involved with British athletes and benefit from the greatest show on earth

Show date: Wednesday July 20th

Show time: 9am

As a fan you are probably looking forward to London 2012 with hope and excitement for Team GB. But as a business owner/manager you may assume that there is no way you can get involved in the greatest show on earth.

The assumption may be that a handful of multinationals have all of the sponsorship deals sewn up and there is no opportunity for SMEs to be part of this once in a lifetime event, even though many are located in and around Olympic towns and cities.

In fact that isn’t the case and there are ways you can get involved. With just over a year to go, a new programme, Our Team 2012, is promising even the smallest firms a chance to share in the opportunities around the Olympics.

The joint venture is run by the British Olympic Association, British Paralympic Association, UK Sport and LOCOG and aims to raise up to £25 million in funds to support athletes preparing for 2012.

Companies already signed up include Argent Group Europe, Hornby Hobbies Ltd and Big Yellow Group PLC.

What’s in it for you? Join our live webTV show to find out how your company can get involved as the excitement builds towards 2012 but also how you can use investment on the scheme to help promote your business, engage with staff, entertain clients, attend networking opportunities and even get your hands on some Olympic tickets.

In today’s show multi Olympic medallist and ambassador Matthew Pinsent will tell you what you will get in return for your investment, how you can use membership to benefit your firm and where your  hard earned money will go. Joining him is Sue Primmer, Director of Marketing & Communications from Excelian Limited who have already signed up.

Sir Matthew Pinsent and Sue Primmer join us live online at at 9am on Wednesday July 20th to tell us more.

You can submit questions before the show and, from 9am on Wednesday, see the show live.

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