Small Businesses Risk Customer Satisfaction by Resisting Change

More than half of the UK’s small businesses could be jeopardising customer satisfaction due to a reluctance to switch to mobile technology, according to new research.

A survey of 1,100 businesses conducted by Sage UK found that 58% of respondents were yet to implement any form of mobile working, with a lack of understanding of the benefits cited as the main factor.

But the same report also noted that 78% of companies recognise their customers wanted quicker responses to queries and issues — a demand fuelled by the availability of the technology that enables it.

“The emergence of mobile working is changing the face of business as we know it and in today’s fast-paced, 24/7 world, it’s no surprise that people are demanding greater responsiveness from the companies they work with.”

said Sage’s Steve Attwell.

A recent Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Small Business poll found that, for 85 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses, maintaining customer satisfaction was one of their key objectives, ahead of exploring marketing, sales and new business opportunities.

Introducing mobile technology can be relatively inexpensive, as a smartphone, tablet or laptop is all that is required by each user. From there, software can be as sophisticated as is required. Sage UK’s latest launch allows employees access to business intelligence, CRM and financial software from any location.

However, IT expert Rob Davies, owner of internet specialist Kashiko, said it was easy to see why firms might be reluctant to get involved.

He added:

“Technology is evolving so quickly that it’s becoming very difficult to know what is worth adopting, and what will have fallen by the wayside in a year’s time.”

“There is definitely a sea change in opinions, especially from decision-makers under 40, but those that aren’t technology-minded often don’t even know where to begin.”

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