Finance Directors Ignoring Employee Health

Michael Wilson and James Glover of Simply Health discuss why employers are still to be convinced of the business case for investing in health benefits and links between wellbeing and productivity.

Engaging Employees Through Health and Wellbeing ReportSMEs are struggling to show they care about their staff, according to a new report which reveals that employees believe employers now care less about their health and wellbeing than they did a year ago.

Simplyhealth’s Engaging Employees Through Health and Wellbeing Report, surveyed Managing Directors, Finance Directors and HR Directors, alongside employees, and found that increased workloads, managers failing to manage absence effectively and greater stringency around time off for medical appointments were cited as the reasons for staff feeling less valued.

Nick Kemsley, Co-Director of the Henley Centre of HR Excellence says there is a direct link between high staff engagement on their health and wellbeing and reduced absenteeism and increased effort, claiming a direct correlation between engagement and productivity.

And he warns that organisations which focus on maintaining and improving employee health and wellbeing are more likely to succeed most when economic conditions improve.

He is here joined by James Glover, Corporate Sales and Marketing Director from healthcare provider, Simplyhealth on a special HR podcast presented by TV Business presenter Michael Wilson.

For more information about Simplyhealth’s Engaging Employees through Health and Wellbeing Report go to

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