Red Tape Challenge: Equality Laws Next

Businesses have until the 30th June to propose reforms to simplify equality regulations, as part of the Government’s ongoing Red Tape Challenge.

The Government has put 21,000 statutory instruments “up for removal” under the Red Tape Challenge, unless there is a strong case for keeping them. Businesses of all sizes have been called on to vote online for which regulations should be scrapped, simplified or retained.

The review is currently focusing on the Equality Act (2010), the biggest overhaul of UK anti-discrimination law since 1975. The Red Tape Challenge website is split across themes such as how the Act applies in the workplace, and in the provision of goods and services.

Some of the key issues of the Act included an extension of discrimination law, the prohibition on employers asking job applicants questions about their health, and new laws that allow employees to freely discuss their pay with one another.

“The Equality Act is here to stay.”

said Equalities minister Lynne Featherstone.

“But there is always more we can do to simplify or deregulate equality legislation.”

“We want to know whether the Act could be simplified, better implemented or if certain provisions should be dropped or amended, or whether it should be kept exactly as it is.”

The Institute of Directors head of employment policy Alexander Ehmann said:

“The Government has talked a good game on regulation and employment law, but has produced very few meaningful improvements for business to date.”

The Red Tape Challenge will see regulations from different sectors being debated every few weeks. The campaign also has six main themes affecting all businesses ? the next topic on the agenda is health and safety. The overall review is due to be completed in April 2013.

To give feedback on the regulations under review, visit the Red Tape Challenge website.

Red Tape Challenge: Equality Laws Next

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