What Makes Business Rock?

Bill Roedy, the man behind MTV, gives a preview of his new business memoirs documenting how he built a single channel into the largest media network in the world.

Its global audience is the envy of the world’s media corporations, with a network which included 200 channels and 200 digital properties in 175 nations. So how did a former US military man build up the empire that is MTV?

As a West Point graduate who served in combat in Vietnam and commanded nuclear missile bases in Italy, Bill Roedy was an unusual choice to build the best known music entertainment brand in the world. But Bill used his military experience to develop an unconventional and rebellious business plan that would catapult MTV to global television domination.

As a child, Bill was enthralled by the power of television so much so that he would memorize the TV Guide and recite the schedule back to his mother. After his military career and gaining his MBA from Harvard, rather than getting a high paying corporate job like his classmates, Roedy followed his dream and took his first job at a small start-up cable network called HBO. The rest is MTV history.

In his new book What Makes Business Rock: Building the World´s Largest Global Networks Roedy reveals how he built a single channel into the largest media network in the world, and in the following video he shares some of the business insights that made him not only one of the world’s most successful media moguls, but also one of the most influential businessmen of our time.

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