Job Hunting at Work Costing UK Business Millions

More than a quarter of employees are spending three hours a week looking for a new job whilst still at work, new research has found.

The survey of 2,000 UK employees by recruitment website Monster, found that 28% of employees spend three hours a week looking for a new job and 16% of staff spend more than five hours a week chasing job opportunities. Half of respondents also admitted to using work hours to update their CV and fill in job applications.

Monster said that if the results were consistent across all UK jobseekers, it would amount to a weekly total of more than 14 million lost work hours, costing employers more than £250 million per week.

Monster UK & Ireland spokeswoman, Isabelle Ratinaud, warned staff against using work time and facilities to look elsewhere.

“If your boss finds out you’re job hunting on their watch, this could not only affect your reference, it could even result in disciplinary action or dismissal — which could make finding a new job even harder.”

Forum of Private Business spokesman, Phil McCabe, said employers should take action to stop it.

“While key, valued staff in small firms are likely to be less inclined to browse for jobs during work hours, compared to those in larger companies, the message to all employees should be that it should not be carried out on company property.”

“If a staff member is using the internet or a work phone to search for jobs they are not doing what they should be — providing their contract of employment clearly states this. In this scenario, an employer could embark on disciplinary action, although a quiet word might be the best solution.”

The advice to small business owners is to include a clause about job hunting in the company manual, employment manual or terms and conditions of work. Otherwise employers may have to use disciplinary procedures against an employee.

Job site Monster estimates that job hunting at work is costing UK Businesses millions of pounds in lost time

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